Unpaved of the Susquehanna river valley

Of course, all of this is subject to change and could be edited dramatically. It’s our working plan and updates will be communicated as they happen.

  • 800 PARTICIPANTS FOR unPAved The unPAved courses are 120, 90 or 50 miles
  • 400 PARTICIPANTS for FunPAved The FunPAved has a new version of the 30 miles or 20-mile course that stay in the farm country (less gravel but fewer hills!). The 20-mile course stays on the Rail Trail.
  • 120 OVERNIGHT CATEGORY Start your ride on Saturday and camp out in Poe Paddy State Park that night before heading back on Sunday! Not timed, so you can focus on having a good time.
  • SEGMENT RACING Six segments, adding up to 43 miles of the Full-120 course, will be timed to determine the 2021 King & Queen of the Whoopie Pies! More on the segments on the Courses Page. The Plenty-90, Overnighter, and FunPAved courses are not races, though we will record and post your times.
  • CHOOSE YOUR OWN START TIME Think you need all day (and into the night) to finish the ride? Start at dawn. Would you rather the sun come up and warm things up a bit? Start later in the morning. Since the race is timed over specific segments there’s no need for a mass-start (and all the chaos that comes with it). Check the schedule for your start range.
  • AID STATIONS Fuel up, and catch up with the friendly folks at the multiple Aid Stations on course filled with yummy treats & hydration. No timing in the aid stations, so relax & enjoy!​

susquehanna river valley | The Ride, The Journey

Top 12 Photos from unPAved of the Susquehanna River Valley - 2020 COVID  Edition — Gravelstoke

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