Trans Alba Race

The Trans Alba Race is a self supported cycling ride around Scotland. Covering just over 1,000 miles, four ferry trips and 66,000 feet of climbing. 

Or….introducing The 400. A wee taster version of the Trans Alba Race that follows the same route from Edinburgh, but ends in Oban. Only 411 miles, and 26,000ft of climbing.

Sounds easy right? Well, self supported means self supported, riders are responsible for all their navigation and logistics, whilst remaining completely self reliant throughout the event. Simply – You’re on your own!

The Trans Alba Race is not for the faint-hearted. It is a challenging bikepacking event that requires a high level of fitness, endurance, and mental strength. Participants must be prepared to face all kinds of weather conditions, including rain, wind, and even snow. The terrain is also varied, with riders having to navigate through mountain passes, boggy moorland, and rocky coastal paths.

Despite the challenges, the Trans Alba Race is a hugely popular event, attracting athletes from all over the world. Riders come from all backgrounds, from elite ultra-cyclists to those who simply want to challenge themselves and experience the beauty of Scotland.

One of the things that make the Trans Alba Race so special is the sense of community that develops among participants. Despite the competitive nature of the event, riders often form close bonds with each other, offering support and encouragement along the way. This camaraderie is perhaps best exemplified by the fact that participants are required to carry their own gear, including food and shelter, throughout the race. This means that riders must be entirely self-sufficient, relying on their own skills and resources to get them through the event.

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