The Traka

The TRAKA 2024 gravel event in Catalonia is shaping up to be one of the most exciting and challenging bikepacking events of the year. Set to take place in the beautiful region of Catalonia in northeastern Spain, TRAKA promises to be an unforgettable adventure for riders of all skill levels.

Scheduled to begin on 1st May, 2024, the event will take riders through some of the most stunning and diverse landscapes in Catalonia. From the rugged coastline of the Costa Brava to the towering peaks of the Pyrenees, participants will be able to experience the best that this region has to offer.

But TRAKA is not just about the scenery. This bikepacking event is designed to challenge riders both physically and mentally. With over 500 kilometers of challenging terrain to cover, including steep climbs, technical descents, and rough terrain, participants will need to be at the top of their game to complete the course.

The event is a part of Earth Gravel Series and is open to both solo riders and teams of two, with categories for both men and women.  The race has a limit and riders need to finish with 32 hours, but the best finish within only 13 hours!!

But while TRAKA is undoubtedly a tough challenge, it is also a chance to experience the camaraderie and sense of community that comes with gravel events. Participants will be able to share stories and experiences with like-minded riders, forging bonds that will last a lifetime.

In short, TRAKA 2024 promises to be an unforgettable gravelexperience in one of the most beautiful and diverse regions of Europe. If you’re up for the challenge, start training now and get ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime.

The Traka 360: an emotional rollercoaster - RAW Cycling Magazine


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Event Details
  • Start Date
    May 1, 2024 7:00 am
  • End Date
    May 5, 2024 3:00 pm
  • Status
  • Location
  • Address
    C. de Joan Maragall, 23B, 17002 Girona, Spain