The Mid South

Held during late winter deep in the red-dirt country, The Mid South is a tough challenge to prepare for. It could be a sunny, warm, beautifully leg-searing ripping fast day or a freezing, rainy, slick, sticky, gloppy death march for 100 miles. It all depends on what mother nature has in store. As one of the iconic events on the gravel calendar, it attracts a deep field of pros and recreational riders looking to test their fitness and tune-up for the season ahead. Rain or shine, riders are rewarded with a huge, welcoming community in downtown Stillwater, shared camaraderie with more than 3,600 registrants, and finish line hugs from the event’s passionate and animated promotor Bobby Wintle.

  • Course options: Riders can choose from full-century or half-century courses.
  • Festivities: The town takes on a festival atmosphere for the event, with a downtown expo, sponsored shakeout rides, beer, product launches, before and after parties, and lots of live music, including Bobby Wintle himself, jamming onstage throughout the weekend.
  • Cost: $100 for the entire course (prices scale from there).
  • Categories: Multiple categories include men and women age groups, singlespeed, fat bike, and tandem.
  • Lodging: There are tons of places to stay, including hotels, motels, home rentals, RV parks, and campgrounds, in and around Stillwater, which is a large college town.


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