Red Granite Grinder

Ready for adventure? Our routes are designed to give riders the chance to explore the grit in the western portion of Marathon County on several gems that can only be accessed through this race.  

Riders will fully experience Central Wisconsin by riding through areas not usually open to bikes through “featured sections” in addition to passing ginseng fields, dairy farm pastures, barns, and farm fields in each the 50, 85 and 144 mile races. This event is part of the Ironbear 1000 which highlights Wisconsin’s epic gravel.

Bring friends & family for the weekend’s festivities.

Be ready for some dirt on a romp through private lands followed by a Narnia-like experience through the Wausau School Forest. After a spin in the Wausau School Forest, riders take several more miles of gravel via snowmobile trail at Nine Mile County Forest.

After a few miles of gravel riders detour through a farm field then head to Fenwood – wind blasting (and maybe rain or sleet to add to the challenge), riders finally can catch their breath on a rail-to-trail all the way to Edgar. In Edgar, riders take on more wooded trails and even some singletrack at Scotch Creek Preserve.

Red Granite Grinder Details — IRONBULL

Red Granite Grinder Details — IRONBULL

Red Granite Grinder: Riders take on snow during peak fall colors - Silent  Sports

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