Pine Island Gravel Odyssey

The Pine Island Gravel Odyssey was formerly known as the Gold Rush Gravel Grinder.

This is South Dakota’s premier gravel event which operates under a special use permit for the Black Hills National Forest.  Four route/event options meet the needs of all rider types.  The longest and hardest route is dubbed the Lodgepole Voyage. 

This is your event if you are looking for more of a self-supported, ultra-endurance, adventure type of race.  This race is not for beginners, as it is a very challenging ride.  Before registering for this event, you must have completed the Pine Island-Gravel Odyssey or a race of at least 100 miles.

It is an ultra 210-mile ride that takes you on a long tour through the Northern and Southern Black Hills of South Dakota.

Pine Island Gravel Odyssey

There's Gold in Them Thar Hills at the 2019 Gold Rush Gravel Grinder

Pine Island Gravel Odyssey (formerly Gold Rush) - Strambecco

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