Nordic GRVL Grinder

In the wake of the biggest one-day races and monuments in cycling, the “NORDIC Grinder” is set in the world. This race is our answer to a truly Nordic “NEW MONUMENT” within Gravel cycling. ​

Are you into gravel, small winding roads, wide open spaces, and beautiful Danish nature?

Then you will feel at home in this event, which is said to be one of the most beautiful and spectacular race experiences in the Nordics. ​

NORDIC Grinder is a challenge, but also a big “GRAVEL PARTY” that will give all participants an unforgettable experience. Find your inner “GRVL Grinder” and start your preparations today!

About the course:

The routes are a good mix of gravel, paths, and asphalt. The routes are laid out “straight out” so that you are primarily challenged on your endurance and not your technical ability.

  • 200km +/- 1700hm with up to 70% grus.

  • 130km +/- 1200hm with up to 70% grus.

  • 80km +/- 700hm with up to 70% grus.

  • 40km +/- 300hm with up to 60% grus

The routes are made public approx. 7 days before the start. All routes are run as “GPS runs” you must be able to find your way yourself, there will only be a few signs out on the route.

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Event Details
  • Days
  • Start Date
    August 31, 2024 10:00 am
  • End Date
    August 31, 2024 10:00 pm
  • Status
  • Location
  • Category
  • Address
    Vesterbrogade 3 st tv, 7100, Vejle, Denmark