Matschfuss Spring Edition

Get to know the area around Kiel in a completely new way. The route will be made available to you a week before the start. You can ride the route alone, in pairs or in groups.

A nice country outing to turn your head off. You can forget the time there. But be back at the Lille Brewery by 6 p.m. at the latest so that we can toast together. It’s going to be a party for us! So let your friends know. There is only a limited number of tickets.

Anything that is fun is allowed with us.

Whether MTB, gravel bike, racing bike or folding bike with banana handlebars. Drive what you want! But be careful: the nature of SH offers some treacherous obstacles. A thicker tire than 25mm is already appropriate in some places. Our recommendation would be an MTB or gravel bike with 30mm and up.

Matschfuss 2023 | Plattfuss Podcast

Matschfuss 2023 | Plattfuss Podcast


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