Komoot Women´s Slovenia Rally

The komoot Women’s Rally is back. For the Slovenian edition of this wonderful, camaraderie-packed adventure, we want to ride an original route designed by a woman.

In early August 2022, we set out with a group of nine women for the preliminary recce mission. While we had a lot of fun and rode some beautiful sections in the north of Slovenia, the route needed work. Near the end of the week, Trieste local Bea went home to make a second version of the route. Bea designed the Trans Balkan Race route and has a lot of experience riding in Slovenia – her routes are beautiful, flowy, adventurous, and precise.

The following week, Rue and I set out to ride Bea’s new draft. We had a spectacular time – from the rugged mountains in the north, to lush valleys, forests, castles, wine country and caves, we loved it! There are still a couple of sections we need to work on to make them super enjoyable and achievable for every rally rider, so we’re aiming to publish the final route in May. There’ll only be minor changes to what you see here already. As always though, the route is only a guide. You can take short cuts, ‘long cuts’, detours, and replan whichever sections you fancy while on the rally – it’s your adventure as much as ours.

When it comes to overnights, wild camping is prohibited in Slovenia, so for this reason we’ll recommend some campsites or other types of accommodation. There are campgrounds in Jezersko, Luče, Litija, Štorje and a few other places along the way, and the mountain huts on the Menina Planina and Sviščaki are great options too.

We also hosted an event at Loose Cycles, a local bike shop in Ljubljana, to talk about the route and share this project with the local community. We would love to have some local Slovenian women ride with us at the rally as well, and share the love for their stunning country.

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Event Details
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  • Start Date
    September 19, 2024 12:00 pm
  • End Date
    September 22, 2024 12:00 pm
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    Slovenska cesta 58, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia