Grinduro, Germany

The Eifel is a region famous for both delighting and torturing cyclists. So no surprise that we came here to host an event as wild as Grinduro Germany. But what exactly is Grinduro? It’s a combo of a gravel grinder road race and mountain bike enduro: one long loop on all kinds of terrain, where finishing times aren’t based on overall loop time, but four timed segments.

The routes are a mix of everything from pavement, gravel and single trail. Grinduro is held in enduro format, with four stages ridden in race mode, the rest of the tour can be enjoyed without time pressure. It’s both beautiful and challenging. With a well-balanced mix of paved and unpaved, flat and hilly, fast and technical, social and competitive. But that’s not all, Grinduro is a weekend-long gravel cycling festival, featuring live music, camping, great food and bicycle expo.

Grinduro Germany will be celebrated over three days on several gravel rides in the heart of the Eifel region. The races are held in enduro format, which means that during the main race on Saturday, a maximum of four sections are ridden against the clock, while the rest of the ride can be enjoyed without time pressure. The “stages” can have all kinds of characteristics: Uphill or downhill, on asphalt, gravel or even singletrack.

FRIDAY: Prologue

On Friday afternoon, the Grinduro Prologue will take place as a warm-up. A short, challenging round with one stage on asphalt, gravel and trail. The ranking of the Prologue has no influence on the overall Grinduro ranking on Saturday.

SATRUDAY: Grinduro

The Grinduro features 100km of the best gravel riding with the most beautiful views you will find in Eifel region. Two stages will be hosted in the morning, riders will break for lunch, then attack the afternoon ride with two final stages.

SUNDAY: Hangover Ride

Those who still have enough energy in their legs after the party on Saturday evening can enjoy the panoramic ride on Sunday. This is an easy and relaxed ride to stretch out the legs and enjoy some relaxed trails around the Hellenthal region.

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