Grevet #1 Bavaria

At the beginning of the Bavarian Grevet Series you can expect a more or less flat track with always shallow hills and still great views. Small trails and a bit of history ring in the Grevet season. The upper reaches of the Amper will be your playground for the approx. 140km. Rivers, lakes, trails, gravel highways and many great views make the Grevet heart beat faster.

The start of the track is in Munich Pasing. Whether you arrive by bike, train or car, you have good options for everything. We start along the Würm – a small river that you may already know from the Grevet years 2021 and 2022. Shortly thereafter, a small detour leads us to the Munich North marshalling yard, with the right zoom level on your navigation system you can only see rails next to the track. A paradise for train spotters… Via Dachau and the old concentration camp, your way out of the city leads you always along the Amper – the exploration area of ​​​​Bavaria-Grevet 1 in 2023.

The Amper-Ursprungstal offers many small trails, nice villages and beautiful gravel passages with views of the still snow-capped peaks of the Alps. At Ammersee you will probably have to share the track with some pedestrians – there is a lot going on here, especially on sunny weekends. By the way, on the way back to Munich you will look in vain for mountains or longer climbs, because everything is mostly flat here. It’s probably not too bad at this time of year though, as the days aren’t that long yet and the ground is most likely well-soaked. Some trails and smaller highlights like the Germeringer See bring you back to Munich Pasing quickly.

Start of the Aubinger history trail.

Narrow and muddy single track through tall bushes.

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  • Start Date
    April 1, 2023 7:00 am
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    April 1, 2023 5:00 pm
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    Weinbergerstraße, 81241 München, Germany