GranGuanche Audax Gravel

The GranGuanche Audax Gravel is a self-supported, single-stage, fixed-route, endurance cycling event across the Canary Islands. It’s not a race, it’s a collective adventure and a challenge to finish the route. There’s no cut-off time, there are no prizes, no medals, no brevet cards or finisher diplomas. The Audax is focused on the experience rather than the final results.

It’s a demanding route for experienced riders as it includes serious climbs, high mountains, and remote areas. Experienced means well-trained, technically skilled, and wisely equipped. Exhaustion, sleep deprivation, and night rides add even more risk to a challenging ride. Participants are fully responsible for their safety and logistics.

The Audax follows the GranGuache GRAVEL route from Lanzarote to El Hierro (excluding La Graciosa) with just a few differences.

The route goes by fast gravel roads, secondary paved roads, avoiding rocky single tracks or sandy sections. It’s open to any kind of bike, we recommend gravel bikes with low gearing and min 40mm wide tires.

he Audax pace is the challenge to connect all the scheduled ferries in a non-stop ride (includes a mandatory night stop in El Hierro) it’s only achievable by ultra-cycling athletes, the entry fee will be fully refunded to every rider fast enough to make it. Other pace scenarios are just a planning resource, not an achievement.


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Event Details
  • Start Date
    March 30, 2024 10:00 pm
  • End Date
    April 9, 2023 12:00 pm
  • Status
  • Address
    C. el Embarcadero, 12, 35541 Orzola, Las Palmas, Spain