Dairy Roubaix

The Dairy Roubaix is a one day unsupported gravel tour in the form of three different looping routes to choose from. This event has morphed over the years, but has always taken place in the beautiful and challenging Driftless Region of Southwest Wisconsin.

Running each year since 2011, this event has become a Wisconsin cycling tradition and a chance to reunite with old friends in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Roads will not be marked with arrows or paint. Some roads will not even have signage. ZERO your odometer at the START LINE (Sugar Creek Bible Camp) so that you can follow the cues.

This is an unsupported ride. There will be no service provided on course. No sag. No water.  No snacky snacky. Nada. If you think you need it, bring it.

Dairy Roubaix | Trail Genius

Adventure cycling shows off the beauty of Wisconsin's back roads

My brother and I did the Dairy Roubaix this passed weekend in SW WI... :  r/cyclocross

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