Bird Dog 100

Bird Dog 100 is our flagship race, showcasing the challenging roads around Burke County, GA. This route is by far the most accessible and fun to ride, a great starting point for rural gravel.

The wide variety of road conditions will challenge the most experienced riders. Just keep pedaling and you’ll make it through each course feature.

Get ready for some fun. Our races will maximize your smiles-per-mile with a timed-segment race format.

Rather than embracing the sufferfest of other races, we’re leaning into the party on two wheels. Ride with friends across each transfer stage, then drop the hammer through the finish of each timed segment. Regroup at the finish and ride together to the next segment.

Each course will contain up to three timed segments, covering up to 50% of the course distance.

Your day starts rolling south on the main street out of Waynesboro. After a short cruise past stately historic homes, you will meet the first unpaved roads. These county roads are a departure from the traditional limestone ballast everyone knows as “gravel.”

The Bird Dog features the largest assortment of road surfaces you’ll ever ride in a single day. You’ll experience from hard packed red clay, orange soil, sand sections, sand/gravel mix, pavement, tar & chip, chip seal and of course good ole regular gravel mixed in for good measure and probably a few more we don’t know how to categorize.

Gravel Roll | Bird Dog 100

Gravel Roll | Bird Dog 100

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