Badlands Gravel Battle

Come GRIND across 120 miles, and ROLL over 10,500 ft of elevation gain on the fast and rugged red scoria roads that crosshatch the BADLANDS of western North Dakota.

Rugged Badlands backcountry gravel roads. Some of the gravel in the Badlands may remind you of the your gravel roads back home, but some of it is made up of crushed red scoria rock.

When the scoria is freshly laid it can be large and sharp at first, but once it is worn in by truck traffic, the gravel turns hard and smooth and in the right conditions it is very fast and fun.

Just like anywhere the conditions can change overnight with weather or road work, be prepared for the best and the worst of circumstances.

The course will be marked well enough that you could potentially get away without using Que Cards or a GPS, if you pay attention and ride with your head up.

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