Arkansas Graveler

Welcome to the Arkansas Graveler

A captivating six-day gravel ride traversing Arkansas’s most rural roads and the outer realms of your own curiosity.

It’s an exploration of the senses, a celebration of nature’s treasures and an immersion into the heart of Arkansas culture.

Dive deep inside gravel’s best-kept secret, and dare to partake in a truly unforgettable expedition.

The Arkansas Graveler … More Than a Ride.

6 Days. Approximately 340 miles deep into the Natural State — home of moody Ozark mountain forests and folksy Delta river bottoms.

The Arkansas Graveler route winds through some of the most scenic, iconic rural roads of Arkansas, beginning in Fayetteville and pointing East to Jonesboro.

Daily ride distances vary between 40-70 miles depending on the difficulty of terrain. And while the beauty of the route is unparalleled, there’s so much more than what you’ll see from the saddle.

For 6 full days, enjoy the warmest welcome from our host communities, treat yourself to off-the-bike recreational experiences like fishing and archery, kick back for nightly live entertainment and fill your hungry post-ride belly with delicious, farm-to-table dinners.

Fully embrace the journey, culture and landscape as it changes throughout your adventure, each day building a new layer within this multifaceted adventure. Our team will work behind the scenes to transport your belongings and campsite to the next host city each day for a seamless point-to-point experience.

Oh yes…this is a gravel TOUR, not a race. You’ll want to make the most of every farm stand, rest stop, crystal clear water hole and all the many grassroots flavors Arkansas has to offer.

If you don’t want to ride for 6 days — not to worry. Check out our single-day “Mini Graveler”.


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