Alaska Divide

Alaska Divide is a 1700 kilometer (1056 mile) unsupported bikepacking adventure from Anchorage to Deadhorse. Considered the Last Frontier of North America, Alaska is home to the most unrelenting weather, the most dangerous predators, and the most remote wilderness of the continent. Alaska is also home to some of the best gravel roads in the United States and has always drawn those with a thirst for adventure.

Long days and a chance to see the Northern Lights await!  Don’t miss out on this unique adventure.

The Alaska-Divide brings you to one of the most remote routes you can still go on this planet. The 480 miles (770km) long Dalton Highway, the last stretch from Anchorage to Deadhorse is also known as “the most dangerous highway in North America”. It’s not related to traffic that is almost not existent. On this stretch from Fairbanks to Deadhorse you find only 2 places with rooms you can stay inside. Be aware, on many long stretches is no mobile connection and you are not able to call for help.

You will see cars and trucks on the route, but not as many as you may expect. It may happen you will see wild animals like Karibu, moose, brown bears (grizzly), or black bears. Also, wolves and foxes are part of Alaska’s wildlife. Prepare yourself and get the necessary knowledge till the start of this awesome adventure.


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