3M Bike Challenge

Mountain Maryland Trail’s premier fundraising event, the 3M Challenge will feature a race between two of Mountain Maryland’s oldest mechanized modes of transportation – the WMSR train and the legs of a cyclist. The WMSR is once again rolling through the mountains of Maryland, having been closed in 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic. The 2021 time to beat is 56 min 28.4 sec. WMSR anticipates operating their newly restored steam locomotive #1309 or diesel locomotive #501 for the race.

A timed challenge between cyclists and the train locomotive, the 3M Challenge will follow a 15.3 mile stretch of the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP Trail) alongside the WMSR railroad tracks, from Cumberland, MD, to Frostburg, MD. Eighteen teams of up to six riders per team can enter the challenge with a minimum $250 donation to Mountain Maryland Trails. Funds will support maintenance and development projects in the Maryland portion of the Great Allegheny Passage as well as new trail development opportunities.

3M Bike Challenge

2022 3M Bike Challenge - Great Allegheny Passage


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